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Overview of a Non-Cash, i.e. Snowbucks "Purchase"


The process for exchanging your points for a reward is much like any online shopping experience.

You will;

  1. Add an item from our online store to a “shopping” cart.
  2. View the cart and confirm the order.
  3. Checkout and wait for the Rewards Administrator to fulfill the order.
  4. Retrieve your reward at the next club meeting.

As with other online shopping you’ll be prompted to fill in or modify contact and shipping information. 

If you see an error in your contact info please change it, but normally you shouldn’t have to do anything on the contact form as the information is loaded from your membership profile.

(Sorry friends, only members earn and spend Snowbucks.)


Why am I being "invoiced?"

Why do we have these forms if we don’t use them?

Why aren't my Snowbucks  applied automatically to my order?    

The short answer to all of these questions is that we’re using subsystems (Donations and Store) on our web host that offer a lot of useful features, but also come with a few limitations.  

We’re automating as much as possible to reduce the amount of volunteer overhead needed to manage this program, while revealing more of the program to advance the cause of inspiring volunteers.


Once the contact and shipping forms are filled or skipped you’ll reach the end of the order process!

Check the “I’m not a robot” box and then click on the Invoice Me button. 

Your reward has been ordered!  DO NOT SELECT PAY ONLINE  Essentially that turns your points exchange into a standard cash purchase.

Your part, until it is time to retrieve your reward, is over.  (See step 4 below.)


From here the Rewards Program Administrator will review the order and fulfill it by deducting the appropriate Snowbucks, bagging your reward for the next meeting, marking your invoice paid, and notifying you when it's ready for pick-up.


(and finally)

Retrieve your reward at the next club meeting.

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