Tips on Making Contact

If you are a member of the club you can find contacts for specific areas of interest, for example the Social Activities Coordinator, on the Org Chart page under Members.  You must be logged in.  

Anyone, including members not logged in, can reach a real person in the club via email, who will then forward the message to a member of concern, usually a club officer or coordinator. 

Be as complete and clear as possible in the subject and body of your message.  A good subject line will get you there faster!

Include; name, of course, and how to reach you;  phone, email, text.  Plus, your comment or query.

We urge you make your message complete, but keep it simple to begin with until you are connected to the correct member.


 USPS Ann Arbor Ski Club
P.O. Box 3258
Ann Arbor, MI


Ann Arbor Ski Club, P.O. Box 3258, Ann Arbor, MI  48106

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