General Meetings

Almost, But Not Quite Every Other Thursday Evening, September through April.

Upcoming Club Meetings

August 13, 2018 6:00 PM • Darlene's home
August 26, 2018 1:00 PM • Hudson Mills Metropark

How They Run

One excellent way to get to know the club and meet members, or to learn what's new in the club is to come to a General Meeting, (GM.)

GMs are conducted from September until April on Thursday evenings during which two things occur.  A little club business is conducted and a lot of fun happens.  The fun typically includes ice-breaking conversation over snacks and beverages followed by dancing to a DJ, with the business conducted in-between.

Some nights more business happens, but on a typical evening it's concluded in about 30 minutes leaving plenty of time for entertainment.  What kind of business?   Filling up trips!  Announcing trips, answering questions.  Also, announcing and answering questions regarding upcoming events.  And, answering questions!

Non-members are welcome!  We request at the door from guests a $5 donation to help cover expenses.  You must be age 21, or over, or accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Cold and hot snacks along with soft drinks are made available to members and guests.  BYOB.

Check back here or at our Events Calendar for the schedule of 2018 - 2019 GMs.  The dates and locations are still being set.   In the meantime below is last year's General Meeting schedule for a rough idea of what to look for this year.

General Meeting  Theme or Activity
Sep 21, 2017 Dancing to DJ Paul
Oct 26, 2017 Halloween Party with She Bob & The Riff Raff
Nov 16, 2017 Cross Country Kick-Off plus DJ Paul
Dec 14, 2017 Christmas Party with She Bop & The Riff Raff
Jan 18, 2018 Game Night
Feb 22, 2018 Off-Site at Mt. Brighton
Mar 29, 2018 Election Meeting
Apr 19, 2018 Aloha Party with DJ Paul

Unless stated otherwise General Meetings are held at Cobblestone Farm at 2781 Packard Road in Ann Arbor.

Does the Ann Arbor Ski Club Ever Dance at Their Meetings?

Dancing to a DJ or live band is the club's current favorite thing to do at GMs, but occasionally we branch out.  Like dancing in costume at the Halloween party!

And, actually other non-dancing things too; game nights, Euchre tournaments, picnics, swap meets, and off-site Mt. Brighton gatherings to name a few.

Venues where we hold our meetings either supply the alcohol or require that only wine and beer are consumed.  Therefore BYOB wine or beer only at GMs and picnics unless explicitly stated otherwise.   This includes meetings at city, county, and metro parks, along with Cobblestone.


Ann Arbor Ski Club, P.O. Box 3258, Ann Arbor, MI  48106

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