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August 13, 2018 6:00 PM • Darlene's home
August 26, 2018 1:00 PM • Hudson Mills Metropark


We hold as many events and trips as members are willing to organize and lead.
There's plenty of support when you do.
Let us know if you'd like to lead an event or trip

How to Schedule an Activity Event

Do you have a favorite warm weather activity you want to turn into a regular club happening?  Around here warm weather season is a lot of Spring through a lot of Fall.  Good times for staying busy.

There are ways to do that.  That is, we can help gin up interest and participation with your idea.   It starts with telling someone!  Send your suggestion to the Activities Committee.  They have seasoned pros that can help at organizing group events.

Just Want to Announce A Re-Run Event?
Lead time please!

For those that have already gone through all that and just want to announce a re-run be sure to give the club's Event Manager sufficient lead time.  Three days is almost always okay, five days is better. Golf is an exception.  See below.

Getting an event on the calendar requires 3 things;
(after it's been planned.)

  1. Notifying the Event Manager by delivering the necessary information.
  2. Certifying that the event does not conflict with any existing events, (and our policies.)
  3. Entering the data into the system

Entering the data is only a few minutes, but scheduling that work can be difficult for our volunteers, who after-all lead busy lives!  

Three days is usually sufficient, more is a kindness for standard events.  Anything that might conflict, however requires more time as more club members with vital interests need to be consulted. 

We'll try to respond on short notice, but a lead time of 3 days for routine items and 5 days for the stuff involving nets is what your Events Management team has committed to.  Got it?

For anything more spontaneous and without the club's imprimatur take advantage of our social media pages on Facebook and Meetup.  They've both attracted lots of members and attention.


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